Friday, July 31, 2009

I Am

I Am
I am the breeze that ruffles your hair, yet chills you to the bone. 
I am the sun that warms the air, yet scalds your naked skin.
I am the rain that makes flowers grow, yet soaks you to your core.
I am the fire that hints at romance, yet burns houses to the ground.
I am every tear you shed.
I am every smile you see.
I am the pain in your head or maybe your heart. 
I am the aspirin that you need.
I am the hand that leads you home.
I am the wall that blocks your path.
I am standing in your shadows.
I am the light that shines in your darkness.
I am the snake you're terrified of.
I am the bunny rabbit you can't get enough of.
I am the backstabber who betrays you.
I am the journal that keeps all your secrets.
I am the writing on the wall that you can't understand.
I am the letter you get from a friend that explains things clear as day.
I am what you hate.
I am what you love.
I am not you. I am me.
I am with you. I am just a memory.

I See

Written June 2nd, 2001

I See
I see a woman.
I see a pillar of strength.
I see courage in the face of adversity.
I see beauty and goodness.
I see a reason to live; to be something great.
I see pain. I see healing.
I see sorrow. I see joy.
I see a burdened heart. I see light-heartedness.
I see tears. I see smiles.
I see concern. I see jokes.
I see external frailty. I see internal strength.
I see Hell. I see Heaven.
I see bad. I see good.
I see hate. I see love.
I see holding a grudge. I see forgiveness. 
I see no middle ground. I see compromise.
I see down-trodden. I see uplifted.
I see turmoil. I see peace.
     I see so may things, that's true.
     I see my Mother.
     I see her no more.

Miss and Love You Mother....

The Genie

My Mother passed away in February of 2000. The majority of my writings are about her. 

I wrote this while I was bored at work one night. January 28th, 2002 to be exact :)
The Genie
A genie came to me last night.
Gave me one wish, but it had to be for someone else.
I told him all about you and all you did for me.
He asked what he should do, to repay you for everything.
     "There's nowhere to begin," I cried. "Shes already seen the end.
     The only was to see her now is to sleep and start to dream."
So, he touched my head and made the darkness follow.
I found myself alone, in a deep dark patch of weeds.
I kept on walking, thinking, "What the hell is this?"
All of a sudden, someone hugged me and gave me a big kiss.
They were holding me so tight, I couldn't see a face.
Now the only thing I wanted was to get out of this strange place.
At last, they released me and I started running free.
Then I heard a voice cry out, "My Tina! My Doll! It's me!"
I turned to see two big blue eyes, shining back at me.
God, this is what I wished for. This is exactly what I wanted to see.
I wanted to see my Mother, walking all around.
It seemed a little funny to me, but her feet never touched the ground.
But I got my wish granted last night.
I saw my Mom, my heart.
I woke and thanked the genie then said, 
"Now my healing can start."
Miss You Mother <3